Protect Your Data with Print Device Security from HP

Printers are the most ubiquitous pieces of office equipment around, as nearly every business and organization has at least one upon which they rely in their everyday workflow.

That means that important and sensitive information — from corporate trade secrets and classified materials to personal data — is channeled through printers, making them a prime target for cybercriminals.

Printers represent a security risk in several ways, such as allowing hackers access through:

  • Potential for unauthorized access to printed data in output trays
  • Unauthorized changes in printer configuration
  • Print data access and disclosure from system memory in decommissioned machines
  • Using the printer as a point of access to attack other applications with malicious codes
  • Deletion of print logs and insertion of new content in print jobs
  • Middleman attacks through cloud printing

Protecting your printer or multifunction devices (MFPs) from unauthorized access isn’t any different from protecting the rest of your infrastructure — it should be a priority to ensure your data is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Fortunately, print industry leader HP has a suite of tools that will help you reduce risk, maximize investments, and protect workflows to keep your print data secure — and safe from unauthorized access.

How HP is Different from Other Secure Printing Options

While many print security solutions focus on disaster recovery, HP provides the kind of security that can detect — and prevent — an attack in real-time. In addition, HP’s full-spectrum suite of security options can protect your entire system using their proprietary policy-based security manager.

Let’s explore the two main ways HP sets the standard for print security in the industry today.

  1. Four Powerful Security Measures for Your Enterprise

HPs printers are designed from the ground up with security in mind. For example, the resident boot code is validated each time your printer is turned on to prevent malicious code execution and ensure only HP-signed code is loaded.

Then, each printer incorporates whitelisting — allowing only authenticated HP firmware to be loaded. If other firmware is detected, the printer automatically goes offline to wait for valid firmware.

HP also incorporates embedded features that protect device memory while your printer is connected to the network. This allows instant shut-down and administrator notification in the event of an attack.

Finally, enterprise-level printers are installed with the industry’s only self-healing BIOS, known as HP Sure Start. If your device is compromised, Sure Start will force reboot to automatically recover your printer.

  1. Policy-Based Security Management

Having a company-wide information security policy is your first defense against cybercriminals. With this in mind, HP offers their JetAdvantage Security Manager to improve your print fleet security ahead of potential data breaches to keep your data safe and your business fully functional.

JetAdvantage uses an automated monitoring and reporting system to secure your fleet and verify compliance with your security policies. To make it easy, JetAdvantage offers:

  • The HP Security Manager Base Policy Template to help you tailor a security policy that will meet the specific needs and challenges of your organization.
  • Several ways to connect your devices to your policy, from auto-discovery with Instant-On Security, to manually importing devices through .txt or .xml files.
  • A security manager that runs in the background, automatically verifying security settings and reporting noncompliant features.
  • Built-in reporting features that offer reports on risk level, specific risks by device, and risks by security setting.
  • Automatic updating and implementation of ID and CA certificates to increase not only device, but application and infrastructure security.

With JetAdvantage, your corporate security policy is easily extended to protect your print environment using the most comprehensive protections available in the industry today.

Verity Group and HP — Your Partners for Print Security

At Verity Group, we have a keen understanding of our clients’ needs when it comes to print security. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with HP, an organization focused on originating industry-leading technology designed to keep your print environment safer.

Our team of IT security professionals will expertly assess your current print hardware and help your organization put the right devices, policies, and technologies in place to ensure your data is protected and secured.

Our partnership with HP allows us to offer you the very latest in state-of-the-art print security. If you’re ready to experience the highest level of print data security for your organization, contact Verity Group today to learn more.